Marvis Royal  
ref: 411167   

Explore Flavour with Marvis. Elegant and luxurious trips on the inspired toothpaste with a unique, sophisticated flavour combining zesty Italian lemon oil, tangerines. Fragrant rose extract and nutmeg. This blend enhanced with mint creates an exclusive sensation with an exhilarating tangy taste.



Marvis Karakum
ref: 411168

Explore Flavour with Marvis. The thrill of an imaginary journey across the black sea too Persia, and eastern China are magically mixed in a toothpaste with a sophisticated flavour that combines the finest peppermint with the sweetness of orange juice along with the enchanting and aromatic cardamom, a rare oriental spice to create a lasting sensation of alluring freshness.



Marvis Rambas 
ref: 411169 

Explore Flavour with Marvis. Inspired by the beaches and exotic atmosphere of Tropical Islands Rambas  toothpaste has a fruity, velvety taste that combines ripe peach and sweet pineapple with a twist of sweet Alphonso mango. A rich aroma of mint creates a lasting sensation of vibrant freshness.



25ml 411063  

Royal, Karakum, Rambas  



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